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"Kiosko de vendedor de flores y frutos" 
  Kiosko de vendedor de flores y frutos
(Flower and fruit-vendor kiosk)
Reynold Rodríguez

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Prototype for Flower and fruit-vendor kiosk

Suelen lucir improvisados pese a ser versiones en miniatura de un artefacto determinado por la estricta lógica del mercado la forma sigue a la función en esta caja de sorpresas ambulante. De ser meros receptáculos de mercancía, los kioscos logran ser referencia en el paisaje urbano. Son testimonios del ingenio y de lo ingenuo, recordándonos que detrás del pequeño impulso consumidor existe un deseo no muy distinto del que nos lleva al arte.

About the Area
Although the term "functional art" may be used as a euphemism to dress-up a commercial proposal with artistic pretensions, function and art coincide in today's world without raising eyebrows. For purists, here is a hare-brained proposal; the rest will perceive the possibility of taking art to unforeseen places.

Technical information
Flower and fruit-vendor kiosk

Aibonito is traditionally known as “the town of flowers.” To build on this local tradition, an old tobacco processing plant is being transformed under the Urban Centers Revitalization Project managed by the Directorate of Urbanism. Remodeling will convert this historic building into a flower and fruit market, an emblem of new economic effervescence for this town and a venue for promoting new social opportunities for mountain region residents.

In conceptualizing his proposal, Reynol Rodríguez used the tobacco leaf as a leit motif, to create a design combining form with function in a creative and playful manner. To achieve this, the artist carefully researched the growth and processing of tobacco leaves, all steps of tobacco processing and its gradual transformation. The roof plane, undulating in intense green hues, interprets the sinuous panorama of our mountains.

The permanent kiosks, to be used by vendors, merge the symbolic value of the past with a promising future. The kiosks designed for the interior space open up a conversation between the old function of this space as a tobacco processing plant and its new function as a place for trading and selling flowers and fruits.
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