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  Silla de salvavidas
(Life Guard Chair)
Reynold Rodríguez

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Life Guard Chair Prototype Chair

The immediate need addressed by this artifact conceals its magnificent scenery: the sea, the body, and a captive audience.

About the Area
Although the term "functional art" may be used as a euphemism to dress-up a commercial proposal with artistic pretensions, function and art coincide in today's world without raising eyebrows. For purists, here is a hare-brained proposal; the rest will perceive the possibility of taking art to unforeseen places.
The lifeguard, posing as a sentinel on his tower, a casual observer of the beach and the horizon, shields his eyes with a hand, in a familiar gesture of self-protection against the glare. Lying on the sand, bathers and visitors also face the spectacle of the coastal environment. Lifeguard Tower belongs to the category of functional art, where form and function are intertwined, simultaneously addressing aesthetic and practical values. Lifeguard Tower, by Reynol Rodríguez, is a reinforced concrete intervention. It interprets the language of the sea coast by creating in a single piece a system of symbols that lends liveliness to the surroundings. Taking advantage of beach iconography without obstructing the natural scenery, the concept includes elements inherent to the coast, such as clouds, waves, sea and surf, and uses them to elaborate a functional design. The concrete foundation emerges from the sand as a solid and fluid plane, while the covering or top seems to float over the structure, shading the user. In short, this very seductive observation platform blends well with its site, adding a aesthetic value that in no way is forced upon, or does violence to, the landscape.


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