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"Infinity Playground" 
  Infinity Playground
Nelly Toledo

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Town of Arecibo
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Traditional town centers are the urban counterpart of the rural imaginary, prevalent, as a rule, in representations of Puerto Rican identity. The transformation of a rural economy into an industrial one after the 1950s, favored other settlement forms, particularly suburban developments spurred by the potential of the automobile. At present, urban centers compete with shopping mega-structures. Having experienced substantial population losses in the last decades, they are now reduced to mere service centers.

The Project for the Revitalization of Traditional Urban Centers of the Department of Urbanism, promotes the qualitative regeneration of public space as the first step of a resettlement strategy. This initiative has offered artists a vast stock of public spaces and buildings, as a means of adding art to the heart of island towns. Such works should celebrate the characteristics of each town without falling prey to nostalgia or a false reconciliation with populist expressions. The selected works evidence a vast array of formats and themes, that range from the praise of natural landscape to bolder visions, committed to the future of these strongholds of everyday life in Puerto Rico.

Infinity Playground is an innovative concept, designed to encourage the use of creative spaces for children between the ages of 5 and 12. It consists of three interactive movement modules inspired by organic lines present in nature, amusement parks and public spaces. It is a world of beautiful forms, enhancing the child's wit and imagination. The amusement space has the purpose of helping children to foster and explore their capacity for inventive physical play, cooperation, comradeship and learning.

Research carried out by the artist for this design showed that girls and boys are attracted to tridimensional objects, no matter their size, under the influence of their exposure to the media and electronic games. Therefore, the modules incorporate familiar forms, characters and icons, such as: roller coasters, an amusement park, Spiderman, Matrix, and Gameboy, in addition to architecturally valuable public spaces such as the Golden Gate, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Eiffel Tower.

The artist values the creation of a positive environment by means of organic forms and a fluid line. The forms were chosen so that the lines, and the positive and negative spaces, present an unlimited variety of images. Lines and forms nurture the child's imagination to expand his or her creative and physical potential. For Nelly Toledo, artistic quality is extremely important; the users of this piece will learn to appreciate beautifully crafted functional art objects. Boys and girls may interact safely with these sculptures, and take part in a common artistic "happening."
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