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(Basketball player)
John Ahearn y Rigoberto Torres

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Site: Caguas

The so-called national sport, because of the glory it has brought us, inspires memories of all kinds. The basketball court, the school, the housing development, the urbanization, among other areas, are linked to basketball as the most common local recreation activity. But the basketball player also inspires thoughts of the national hero, a symbol of our national pride and to our deep-rooted support for our towns and communities.

About the Area
We deliberately tailored this category to the subject, not the area, leaving the artist free to choose a site for his or her work. Instead of celebrating the deeds of sports celebrities, the purpose is to highlight individual sports and their anonymous practitioners, common people who play for pleasure and to celebrate the body. Each sport imposes its rules on the body, and on space. These are key elements for artistic intervention. Moreover, culture assigns meanings to each sport, generating light identity discourses that become increasingly formal with time.

Basketball represents the force of an international youth culture that has been enthusiatically embraced by Puerto Rico. We are inspired to propose permanent outdoor sculptures relief murals in three separate locations in Puerto Rico. The locations should be highly visible sites important to each community and connected to the local basketball court. We will first celebrate the national sport by making a series of life cast sculptural portraits of several famous professionals league players. Then we will turn towards the kids playing on the courts within various communities. We will conduct art workshops in those areas demonstrating our art and offering to cast some of those interested.

By observing the kids at play on the court we will developed images of the youth in the action poses. The by casting them we will create relief figures depicting an instant of the game. These will be arranged to form a dynamic sculptural mural. The portrait of the professional players will be incorporated into the action image as if they are witnessing the game. We believe presenting the famous athletes together with neighborhood kids will make a positive statement about a struggle of life and the meaning of success. The basketball Public Art Project will inspire an appreciation of the art in the hearts and minds of the general public and will demonstrate art's relevance to every day life.
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