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"Arte público: Espacios tangentes"  
  Arte Público: Espacios tangentes
(Public Art: Tangential Spaces)
Rosa Irigoyen

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Espacio Tangente
Competition Guidelines

Design of a cultural page for the Internet

The design of a cultural web page is proposed, to include programming and provide a space for general interest culture. Qualifications are requested to organize a work team to construct the site, and to develop language in keeping with the mission of the cultural project. Each proposal must explain the characteristics of the proposed design, in the form of a storyboard, and its relationship to the content of the proposed journal. The artist must submit samples of previous web-design works as part of the proposal.
About the Area
The last decade has witnessed a development of art in the Internet, as diverse as the medium allows. In fact, the term internet art is already in use in contemporary circles. Although the possibilities of the medium are widely known, they are worth repeating: interactivity with the user, flexibility of compositional and animation structures, accessibility, variability, and openness.

Technical description
Bilingual Internet Portal (Spanish and English)

Producing a Web page to document and promote the Puerto Rico Public Art Project should not be reduced to the design and conceptualization of another promotional page in cyberspace. Within general competition guidelines and specifications, the role of the Web page artist is to acknowledge that a needed promotional job does not imply adopting a static and conservative vision.

Hence, we propose an informative and dynamic page of the highest quality to document the Puerto Rico Public Art Project, while providing visitors with research and creative play tools. We envision a page that will encourage internal and international tourism, including tourism via the World Wide Web, across the physical geography of the island, and in the minds of travelers. We conceive a virtual space that will sum up the Project's activities and creations, while simultaneously opening a cultural activity zone focused on the history of public art in Puerto Rico and the tangential poetical spaces that have been created and will continue to be created around it. We foresee a real connection between the specific site and artistry of each project and the tangential spaces of day-to-day experience, personal life, anecdotes, and memories that surround it.
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