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Aarón Salabarrías

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Piñones boardwalk

Six interventions by five artists, spread along the boardwalk, will enhance what is already a seductive experience. Interventions should have a minimal impact on this fragile ecosystem, seeking a constructive conversation between nature and artifact. In the boardwalk, in the stretch best preserved in its natural state, panoramic views alternate with isolated, self-contained spots. Along the walk, visitors gradually penetrate a natural world, receiving the unexpected impact of human-made objects when they suddenly come into contact with the road or become aware of the distant view of the city.  
About the Area
Due to our geographical location, the seacoast is a favorite place for constructing identity symbols in the discourse of popular culture and tourism advertising campaigns. Beyond the stereotypes to which it is usually reduced, we perceive in the seacoast the possibility of alternating between the personal scale and vast panoramas, between the known and the unknown, between objective and abstract landscape. There is a captive audience that worships this setting as the ideal space for leisure and meditation.

Artist: Aarón Salabarrías
Title: "Salva-Vidas" (Life-Saver)
Site: Piñones Boardwalk
Dimensions: 9 elements,   36" in diameter
Materials: smooth-cast, 315 UV plastic resin

Approximately four years ago, Aarón Salabarrías began to incorporate ordinary, everyday objects into his aesthetic language, removing them from their usual surroundings and placing them in different contexts. He has achieved this both through photography and installations, whose objects are taken out of context to become the leading players of a scene.

The iconography of this piece consists, once more, of children's toys uprooted from their environment, and resignified by the gaze of adults and children. This proposal does not promote passive contemplation; on the contrary, it engages the spectator, challenging him/her to assume an active and participatory role in relation to the installation and its site.
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