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"Torre Mural" 
  Torre Mural
(Mural on a Tower)
Susana Espinosa

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Luis Muñoz Rivera Park at Puerta de Tierra

Without discussion, this is the great urban park of our collective memory. New forms of entertainment on the margins of civil society have not been able to replace it. The park lives on thanks to the younger generations and to those who nostalgically consider it a part of themselves. An artistic proposal for this site must take into account the art that already exists in the park. It should also envision new uses, users, and situations.
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Artist: Susana Espinosa
Title: Torre mural ( Mural on a Tower )
Site: Luis Muñoz Rivera Park, San Juan
Dimensions: 2 ft. 6in. x   4 ft. and 24 ft. x 8 in. high
Materials: Stainless steel, "corten" steel, and pigmented-ceramic plaques

Mural on a Tower was conceived by the artist with several ends in mind. One of them concerns its specific site. The sculpture is located on a strip of land that had been relatively isolated inside the park. This spot is partially visible from vehicles moving along Muñoz Rivera Avenue and San Agustín Street, and may also be “discovered” by park visitors.

The location among trees is another important element. The piece does not appear to be a solid structure; instead, its transparency seems to absorb the landscape. Given its site and specific requirements, it can be perceived either as the beginning or the end of the park, as a milestone that embodies a sector and its environs, or as an allusion to the neighborhood of Puerta de Tierra. Mural on a Tower does not lay out an axis or a center; it is self-referential.

Another objective was to make possible different readings and associations for the spectator to complete. Personal, introspective sensations will be aroused by exploring its small spaces, in contrast with the larger scale of the park, its surrounding avenues and the horizon.

The ceramic plaques recreate fragments of landscapes. To appreciate the different and unique textures, forms, and expressions of each mural, it is necessary to pay careful attention to detail. From the surrounding avenues, the piece may be glimpsed among the trees, and this enticing view is an invitation for drivers to stop and take a closer look while enjoying a walk in the park.

The noble materials do not require maintenance. Corten steel is an extraordinary substance, whose quality and chromatic intensity improve with time. The ceramic murals covering the sculpture will not be altered by exposure to the out-of-doors.

Mural on a Tower blends with its surroundings without disturbing them, adding a unique presence to its setting.

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