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"El pescador de sueños" 
  El pescador de sueños
José García Campos

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New Plaza de la Cultura (Culture Plaza) at the Minillas Government Center
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Dreamfisher transports a refreshing icon inspired by the Puerto Rican coastline to the setting of the New Plaza de la Cultura (Culture Plaza) at the Minillas Government Center. Its abstract fluidity contrasts with the stark geometry of two overshadowing office towers. The piece encourages its viewer to pause for a moment of leisure and contemplation. It introduces a fantastic and haphazard element into a space that ceased to represent the utopian hopes of modernity and became instead one of the most obvious local symbols of its shortcomings.

The current remodeling of this plaza seeks to establish a counterpoint of leisure and recreation for employees and visitors to the complex. Dreamfisher supports this vision. It reaches a height of 44 feet and consists of stainless steel, corten and other weather-proof materials. The different oxide tones dress the bird with warmth and movement. The brightness of stainless steel on the fish reminds us of the shimmering sea and the movement of the waves. The composition's dynamic forms soften the symmetry and stiffness of the surrounding buildings, and propose a metaphor of the fisherman's quest for dreams. 
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