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Devorah Sperber

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Competition Guidelines
Tren Urbano: Centro Médico Station
About the Area
The Tren Urbano is a new star in our urban landscape. With time, we shall become aware of its revolutionary presence, and change our conventional image of the city by gazing at it from the train cars. A different city, at once fantastic and ordinary, will reveal itself to the train's passengers. Moreover, the Tren Urbano is a place, like the communities traversed by it. Passengers will use the train as an entry and exit point into daily life. To those who live in its vicinity it is a claimable landmark. Art proposed for this site must reconcile local character with the overall metropolitan scope of the route. Given the technical uniqueness of each station, proposed works should be limited to the sites specifically identified, which were selected after a thorough analysis of the operation.
Technical description:
Site: Centro Médico Station, Tren Urbano
Thread-spools 11 x 70 wall mounted sculpture constructed from approximately 80,000 spools of Coats & Clark thread in soothing shades of blue and gray.

'Reflections” is a site-specific work, constructed from 80,000 spools of thread, which coalesce into a photo-realistic image when seen reflected in convex mirrors mounted on an opposing wall. It utilize the element of surprise to create a brief interruption in the lives of people as they move through the Centro Medico Train Station.

Within the framework of digitalization, repetition, compulsion and obsession, the artist is interested in the effects of digital technology on issues such as: what constitutes reality, the effect of scale and perception, and how the eye prioritize.

While many contemporary artists utilize technology to create high-tech works, Devorah strive to dumb-down technology by utilizing mundane materials and low-tech, labor – intensive assembly processes. “Reflections” place equal emphasis on the whole recognizable image and how the individual part function as abstract elements, selecting materials based on aesthetics and functional characteristics as well for their capacity for an interest in digital technology, repetitive process, truth of materials, the feminist art preposition of bringing genres into “High Art” and the scientific systems theory which focuses on the whole as well as its part to gain understanding.