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"Mi Río Piedras" 
  Mi Río Piedras
(My Río Piedras)
Edgard Rodríguez Luiggi

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Competition Guidelines
Tren Urbano: Cupey Station
About the Area
The Tren Urbano is a new star in our urban landscape. With time, we shall become aware of its revolutionary presence, and change our conventional image of the city by gazing at it from the train cars. A different city, at once fantastic and ordinary, will reveal itself to the train's passengers. Moreover, the Tren Urbano is a place, like the communities traversed by it. Passengers will use the train as an entry and exit point into daily life. To those who live in its vicinity it is a claimable landmark. Art proposed for this site must reconcile local character with the overall metropolitan scope of the route. Given the technical uniqueness of each station, proposed works should be limited to the sites specifically identified, which were selected after a thorough analysis of the operation.

Technical description:
Mi Río Piedras (My Río Piedras)
Site: Tren Urbano, Cupey Station
Dimensions: 140 feet x 30 feet

The mural My Río Piedras , recovers historical connections between the sectors of Cupey and Río Piedras. Adopting the metaphor of the city in a surrealist vein, Edgard Rodríguez Luiggi evokes a "river" that links both communities, located in the municipality of San Juan. The work envisions the flow of the river as a metaphor of the city in movement; as a symbol of day-to-day existence, surrounded by places where it is possible to meet and coexist harmoniously, and where obstacles (thorns, closed doors) may also be found.

Thus, we perceive how the "stones" (in Spanish the name of the city means, literally, "stones river") are swept away by the current, acquiring, according to the changing interpretation of the spectator, the morphologies of sentry boxes, animals, boats, doors, thorns, a hopscotch and other abstract forms that populate this river made of images and objects.  

This work connects forms whose coexistence may seem incongruent. Nevertheless, they lead the spectator to the creation of new relationships and narratives. By altering the meaning of the images and distorting the spacing and placing of forms in the composition, the floor mural My Río Piedras will spark in the spectator the desire to day-dream and imagine a different world, where tolerance prevails and the natural environment is not menaced by man.