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Otros trabajos del artista
"Composición en rojo" 
  Luis Hernández Cruz
(Stained-glass Window)
Area: Tren Urbano
Title: "Vitral" (Stained-glass Window)
Site: Sagrado Corazón Station

More than a leader of abstract constructivism in Puerto Rico -a role he shares with Antonio Navia, Paul Camacho, and Lope Díaz Max- the accomplishments of Luis Hernández Cruz are a milestone in the evolution of art in Puerto Rico after the 1950s. In addition to his artistic work, he has been active in research, publications and polemics concerning the abstract trends in modern art.

With the journal Frente , published by the group of the same name, he made a remarkable contribution to criticism, at a time when the local art scene was in a turmoil between abstract artists and practitioners of figurative art. From those debates, spurred, in good measure by the active participation of Hernández Cruz, emerged an explosive mix that is the heritage of   today's art. In recent years, the artist has not lost his curiosity. His current research deals with the motifs of total space.
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