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"Paraiso terrenal 2 "
  Aarón Salabarrías
"Salva-vidas" (Life-Saver) and "El jardín del sol" (Garden of the Sun)

Area: The Seacost
Title: "Salva-vidas" (Life-Saver)
Site: Piñones

Area: Sportsmen & Women
Title: "El jardín del sol" (Garden of the Sun)
Site: Rincón

Utilizing materials derived from plastic and chemical compounds (rubber, acetates and resins) my work alludes to the replacement of the noble raw matter for the artificial. I consider this to be witness of our society’s urging to produce and consume.

Constructions assembled out of the artificial transform our daily landscape into one dominated by kitsch aesthetics.
I assemble my work with objects purchased at the pharmacy, at hardware or department stores where everything is arranged in perfect order: alluding to the fantasy that the materials enclose in their composition and to the game that we have followed to disguise major flaws and social anxieties.

What I propose is a commentary about thing that already exist but that are not altogether visible.

With objects typical of our time and place, I have friend and colleagues pose for my untrained photographic lens. As the people that pose vary, the objects are always the same: the object is protagonist.

The objects and figures inside the photographs are transformed as I present them to the public. As they see their daily lives mediated through a hybrid of humor and irony, an adverse dialogue between the object and the figure arises.

Flowers, pools, inflatable life-savers and plastics pigs all arranged with the purpose of rescuing our first-born urge to play, play kid games, play adult games.

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