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  Imel Sierra Cabrera
"Aëdes" and "Blob"

Area: Infrastructure
Title: "Aëdes"
Site: Arecibo

Area: Functional Art
Title: "Blob""
Site: Prototype


Imel Sierra-Cabrera holds a master's degree in architecture from the University of Puerto Rico (1994). He was an exchange student at the Madrid Polytechnic University (1988) and the Urban Design Study of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1993).

Sierra-Cabrera is currently a history of architecture professor at the Polytechnic University New School of Architecture. In addition to his training as an architect, and a practice at the Tren Urbano Project and architectural firms, he is involved in design and sculptural work. Sierra-Cabrera has gone beyond his discipline into the art field. Since the year 2000, he has been an exclusive artist of Petrus Galeros.

Throughout his career, Sierra-Cabrera has taken part in several seminars and forums. He studied with Puerto Rican sculptor Pablo Rubio in 1991, attended the Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies Seminar in Venice (1994), and recently took part in the 17th International Sculpture Conference Sculpture as Public Experience , in Chicago.

In 1999, he conceived and installed the pieces Paloma ( Pidgeon ) and Platanal ( Banana Plantation ), two works selected by the Public Art Project of the Municipality of San Juan. In 2001, he took part in Sapphire Bombay's "Martini Cup" Competition. Currently, his works are shown in individual and collective shows at Petrus Galeros.
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