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  Víctor Vázquez
"La barca de barro"
(The Ship of Clay)

Area: The Seacost
Title: "La barca de barro" (The Ship of Clay)
Site: San Juan


Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Vázquez completed a bachelor's degree in psychology and sociology at the University of Puerto Rico. He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in education and comparative religions at New York University. In 1982, Vázquez traveled to India, China, and Japan to study the art, literature, and history of those countries. Subsequently, he studied photography with Jan Jurasek, and attended the School of Visual Arts and the Maine Photographic Workshop.  

Individual shows

· Requiem for a culture (Requiem para una, por una cultura), Puerto Rico Art Museum, San Juan, Puerto Rico
· L.A. International Biennial, Couturrier Gallery, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
· Ancestors (Ancestros) Baudoin Lebon Gallery, Paris, France
· Frontiers (Fronteras), Seraphim Gallery, Philadelphia, U.S.A.  

· Body and Memory (El cuerpo y la memoria), installation, Sacred Heart University Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico
· Recent Works (Obra reciente), Seraphim Gallery, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
· Recent Works (Obra reciente), Contemporary Art Gallery (Galería de Arte Contemporáneo) David Pérez-Mac Collum, Guayaquil, Ecuador 2000
· Culture-Nature (Cultura-natura), Museum of the Americas, San Juan, Puerto Rico
· Recent Works (Obra reciente) - Photography /Installation. Sicardi Gallery, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Collective shows

· Photo L.A. , Couturrier Gallery, Los Angeles, California

· Paris - Photo , Baudoin Lebon Gallery, Paris, France
· Hot City , Daniel Azoulay Gallery, Miami, Florida, U.S.A.
· Photography as an Object   ( Fotografía como objeto ), Puerto Rico Art Museum, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Noorderlicht Photo Festival, Fries Museum, The Netherlands
Photo Biennial , Fine Arts Museum, Houston, Texas

· The Realm of Waiting ( El reino de la espera ), Best Book Prize, 1991
· Caribbean Art ( Arte del Caribe ) 1999. Author: Veerle Poupeye, Published by Thames and Hudson
· Cuban Art Journal ( Revista de arte cubano ), interview with Eugenio Valdés, 1999


· Title: Body and Memory ( El cuerpo y la memoria )
       Memory's Womb ( El vientre de la memoria ), Author: Mara Negrón
· Title: Víctor Vázquez
       Meaning and Content ( Significado y contenido ), Author: Alexander Marshall
· Title: Culture - Nature
      ( Cultura - natura ), Author: Francisco José Ramos
· Title: House of Souls ( La casa de las almas )  
       The Syncretical Identity of Víctor Vázquez ( La identidad sincrética de Víctor Vázquez ) Author: José Manuel Noceda
· Title: Body and Bird ( El cuerpo y el ave )
       Víctor Vázquez and Unchanging Transparency ( Víctor Vázquez y la inmutable transparencia ) Author: Ilona Katzew
· Title: Lost Flight ( El vuelo perdido )
      Author: Fernando Castro
· Title: The Body and the Outstretched Self-Portrait ( El cuerpo y el autoretrato extendido )
       Assembling Sacrifice ( Ensamblaje del sacrificio ) Author: Rubén Ríos Ávila
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