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Screen Savers


Click on the screen saver you like to start downloading (choose Windows or Mac OS X) and follow the instructions of the installer.

System requirements:

• Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
• A decompresor like StuffIt Expander™

• Mac OS X v. 10.1 and above.


"Salva-vidas" (Life-Saver)
by Aarón Salabarrías

[ Windows | Mac OS X ]
2.2 MB | 1.9 MB

"Torre Mural" (mural on a Tower)
by Susana Espinosa

[ Windows | Mac OS X ]
2.0 MB | 1.6 MB

"Iocare:Juego de juegos"
(Iocare: Game of Games)
by Dhara Rivera

[ Windows | Mac OS X ]
1.6 MB | 1.2 MB