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Hugo Vidal

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Tren Urbano: Jardines Station
About the Area
The Tren Urbano is a new star in our urban landscape. With time, we shall become aware of its revolutionary presence, and change our conventional image of the city by gazing at it from the train cars. A different city, at once fantastic and ordinary, will reveal itself to the train's passengers. Moreover, the Tren Urbano is a place, like the communities traversed by it. Passengers will use the train as an entry and exit point into daily life. To those who live in its vicinity it is a claimable landmark. Art proposed for this site must reconcile local character with the overall metropolitan scope of the route. Given the technical uniqueness of each station, proposed works should be limited to the sites specifically identified, which were selected after a thorough analysis of the operation.

Technical description: 8.50 meters
Aluminum and iron

Jardines, the urban sector where this station will be located and shall have an impact, is swamped by traffic that daily congests the freeway to San Juan. Solutions such as the Tren Urbano are proposed to alleviate the traffic problem.

The piece proposed by Hugo Vidal specifically addresses the theme of the journey or undertaking. The act of passage or passing, the act of moving; in short, the movement from the individual to the collective experience. The proposed passage from the automobile to traveling by train. From a sphere of individualistic coexistence to another scenario, one of extended sociability. This shift from the private to the collective provides a motivation to transgress limits between the tangible and the intangible, generating a situation of openness and connectedness between human beings.

The work is produced by means of accumulation; the repetition of a familiar object   -in this case the wheel- that alludes, paradoxically, to motion and stagnation. Wheels that remain stuck in front of the station   -announcing traffic jam - wheels left behind in exchange for the train. Car tires that deliver us from the involuntary exile represented by the use of the automobile and function as a threshold leading to the train as a new point of departure. By reorganizing the elements that define the problem, Hugo Vidal's work endeavors to propose a solution.
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