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  Dhara Rivera
"Iocare: juego de juegos"
(Iocare: Game of Games)
Area: Functionl Art
Title: "Iocare: juego de juegos" (Iocare: Game of Games)
Site: Cayey and Gurabo

Dhara Rivera constantly examines her craft and her role as an artist. She has studied multiple artistic disciplines, turning learning into a central interest or, perhaps, an addiction. Rivera's work has been enriched by constant exploration, opening itself to the influence of artists like Louise Bourgoise and Mona Hatoum. She holds degrees from the University of Puerto Rico and Pratt Institute, pursued a master 's degree in New York 's Hunter College, and participated in a program for young artists sponsored by the Whitney Museum.

Recently, while studying in Barcelona, toward a doctoral degree in art for public spaces, she was commissioned by the San Juan Urban Art Project and the Puerto Rico Public Art Project to create playgrounds for children. For these projects, the artist studies the psychology of play, endeavoring to create non-controlled games and nurture creativity in children and adults.
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