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"Verde maña " 
  Ada Bobonis
"Escultura Colgante"
(Hanging Sculpture)
Area: Tren Urbano
Title:"Escultura colgante" (Hanging Sculpture)
Site: Río Piedras Station

Sculptor and installation artist. In 1989, she earned a master's degree in fine arts with a major in painting at the San Jorge School of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona, Spain. She returned to Puerto Rico in 1994, and devoted herself mostly to sculpture. Bobonis uses raw and impure materials, such as wool and rope, organic semi-abstract forms and artisan techniques like knitting, spinning and fraying. Her work questions the notions of the individual and the collective, the feminine and the masculine, the natural and the adulterated, the material and the spiritual. The artist has showed her work internationally in New York, Philadelphia, Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza. She has participated in several recent exhibitions, such as Art in Puerto Rico Throughout History , at the Puerto Rico Art Museum, and A Century of Sculpture in Puerto Rico , at the Ponce Art Museum. Her most recent individual show, Verde maña , took place at the New Trends Gallery of the San Juan Art Museum (2002). She is currently a teacher at the Puerto Rico School of Fine Arts.

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