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(Stained-glass Window)
Luis Hernández Cruz

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Tren Urbano: Sagrado Corazón Station
About the Area
The Tren Urbano is a new star in our urban landscape. With time, we shall become aware of its revolutionary presence, and change our conventional image of the city by gazing at it from the train cars. A different city, at once fantastic and ordinary, will reveal itself to the train's passengers. Moreover, the Tren Urbano is a place, like the communities traversed by it. Passengers will use the train as an entry and exit point into daily life. To those who live in its vicinity it is a claimable landmark. Art proposed for this site must reconcile local character with the overall metropolitan scope of the route. Given the technical uniqueness of each station, proposed works should be limited to the sites specifically identified, which were selected after a thorough analysis of the operation.  

Technical description:
Stained-glass windows for Sagrado Corazón Station
1' 11/16" x   4'6" modules
Module components: 8 "dalles verre" glass panels,
size 4" x 6"

The predominance of light in works made of glass is a truism. But, again, that is the essence of Luis Hernández Cruz' interesting proposal for the Sagrado Corazón Station of the Tren Urbano, inspired by stained-glass windows. Light seen through a myriad of multicolored glasses produces an appealing spectacle, enhanced by the varying options and hues of sunlight throughout the different seasons, and the changing directions and brightness made possible by the stained-glass piece. Understandably, Luis Hernández compares his work to a dream factory.

These effects are visible not only to passengers but also   from the outside at night, when the day light has gone. Then, the multicolored glasses undergo a communicative transformation. From being receptors they move to the other side of things, to the light-issuing side, and complete the particular cycle initiated in the morning. A time in which play takes on a major role, since, in addition lo light, other sensory stimuli bring back the taste of childhood for those who perceive images like blurred candies on the stained-glass windows of the train station.    
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